The Yard Coffee Bar

We are the best cafe Santorini offers

Welcome to the best Santorini restaurant for casual dining

The Yard Coffee Bar is a cafe Santorini residents and visitors are fortunate to have. Not only does it have the best tasting coffee in Oia, it is also a Santorini restaurant for absolutely amazing breakfast. We serve some of Santorini’s most delicious dishes like breakfast platters, flatbread pizzas, and baguettes made freshly with ingredients of your choice.

We are hospitality and culinary professionals who had a vision to bring high quality casual dishes at affordable prices to Santorini’s residents and visitors. Thus, we turned our dream into reality by establishing The Yard Coffee Bar. We are a Santorini cafe located in the center of Oia, in a convenient location right by the main street overlooking the beautiful scenery of Santorini.

From early in the morning to late at night, The Yard Coffee Bar is open for business. Early risers can enjoy a hearty breakfast before embarking on their day of exploring Santorini, and those who stay out too long won’t have any trouble finding something delicious when they get back around midnight either!

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before heading out on the town, or if your stomach is rumbling after an evening of partying, we are the restaurant in Santorini that has something to satisfy your cravings. When you’re hungry, we’ll be here for you with a friendly smile. If your stomach can’t wait to enjoy some of our mouthwatering dishes, stop by anytime and get what’s cooking!

Don’t be fooled by our ‘Coffee Bar’ tag, we don’t just offer coffee but a wholesome breakfast experience with a variety of healthy options. We specialize in providing authentic meals that are filling, nutritious, tasty, and immersive. We combine the freshest and healthiest ingredients to give every meal a unique Santorini experience. What’s more, our Chefs are always working on new recipes for your dining pleasure, our job is to make every experience like your first time.

Dozens of Santorini restaurants serve food, why should you listen to us and visit The Yard Coffee bar?

It’s simple. For us, we have gone out of our way to create an atmosphere that soothes and calms you. Whether you’re heading out for the day and need to catch some quick breakfast, or you’re coming in for our popular delicious finger food or you’re unwinding after a long day at the beach, or you want to sit in our patio and enjoy one of our amazing cocktails, The Yard Coffee Bar is created just for you. It’s more than just food for us, that is why we remain one of the best restaurants in Oia Santorini for casual dining. Here you can celebrate all your special holiday moments; from first dates to honeymoons, to hanging out with friends and family, we are the right spot. An all day cafe restaurant that lets you enjoy Oia in a relaxed environment.

Life is too short to eat anywhere less than the best breakfast restaurant in Santorini Greece when the Yard Coffee Bar is just around the corner to give you a unique experience. We are focused on providing you with the best customer service as we also offer takeouts, curbside service, and delivery to your location if you’re too busy to come to get your order yourself.

At The Yard Coffee Bar, we have taken the long road to our position as the premier casual restaurant in Santorini Greece. With a cozy and homely atmosphere that will calm you down, this is where you want to start your day in Santorini Hungry much? What’s stopping you from reaching out for an unforgettable experience with us?

We are one of the best restaurants in Oia Santorini for casual dining

When you visit The Yard Coffee Bar, we want to make sure that your taste buds are satisfied. We have a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes at affordable prices and our friendly staff will ensure that each dish tastes as good as it looks!

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and fulfilling breakfast or lunch in Santorini with minimal delay then come to our restaurant in Santorini. Our accommodating staff will be happy to take your order immediately so that we can ensure speedy delivery of your food – after all, who wants an hour wait when they want their coffee? We also have the best competent service team at our disposal meaning you’ll get nothing but the personal attention from us!

The Yard Coffee Bar strives to provide a personalized experience for everyone, so no matter what your dietary needs are or how you want to spend the day with us– whether it be catching up on emails at our coffee bar in the morning or taking a break from work and grabbing a smoothie.

Our core value is in our drive to serve you better; this means that any customer could come through our doors – whether they’re looking for something light like a breakfast sandwich, or one of our delicious salads paired nicely alongside sandwiches and wraps – all while watching their calorie intake!

When it comes to Santorini restaurants, we are the exception

The Yard Coffee Bar is a restaurant in Santorini Greece that provides an assortment of foods and desserts. Your visit to Santorini will become memorable after you have savored what we offer at our cozy cafe with its own outdoor seating area for your enjoyment! Our menu features everything from sweet treats like scrumptious pizza or pancakes served alongside coffee by helpful staff who are always nearby if you need assistance finding something new on our list of options.

From baguettes, to pizzas and club sandwiches. From ice creams and smoothies to the stuff you’ve always loved at home; anything is possible with just a simple request! Our pizza is so good you would think you’re in an Italian pizzeria. Our spot is one of the best Oia Santorini restaurants to catch a breath while you decide on what you want to do for the day.

All you need is the serenity we offer and a cup of our unrivaled coffee brew that is just right any day any time. We are there for whatever your stomach desires, whether it’s breakfast, or a quick bite! We have every type of food from simple toast to omelettes – but don’t worry because all these dishes come at an affordable price.

The Santorini cafe with a difference

There is a certain feeling and experience that you get when visiting Santorini. You’ll feel like you’re in another world, but with the comfort of wearing your home clothes. The Yard invites those who are curious to visit our little oasis for coffee and enjoy what we have to offer!

At The Yard Coffee Bar, one of the best restaurants in Santorini Greece for casual dining, it’s all about giving guests an unforgettable time they can’t help from telling their friends about – one filled with Greek hospitality at its finest every day of the week! Whether enjoyed as part-of a romantic break for two during your holidays or just grabbing something whilst exploring this unique island location off season, we always welcome you.

Moreover, we believe that we need not sacrifice the tastiness of our meals for aesthetics, so while our food looks good for your Instagram posts, it tastes even better. We make sure of that every day.


Nicholas Kimmel
Nicholas Kimmel
Amazing atmosphere, great food, and spectacular service. I will be returning again!
Van den Heuvel Jan
Van den Heuvel Jan
Goed gekoelde dranken, charmante en vriendelijke bediening
AnthI Giannakopoulou
AnthI Giannakopoulou
Όλα τελεια!!! Πολύ εξυπηρετικό κ ευχάριστο προσωπικό!!! Ποιότητα στη γευση κ πολύ προσιτές τιμές!
Ag B
Ag B
Super leckeres Essen, nette Bedienungen und ein toller Ausblick mit Sonnenuntergang! Sehr zu empfehlen!
Rahiti Juventin
Rahiti Juventin
Very welcoming staff, fair prices and a cosy outdoor space ! We had a delicious gia giamas and a tasty smoothie 👌🏼
Piotr Nawrotek
Piotr Nawrotek
Best lemonade I've ever drinked! Very nice crew :D
Den Leni
Den Leni
Nice place 👌.

We are one of the best restaurants in Santorini Greece for casual dining

Our goal is to be one of the best restaurants in Santorini, your one stop place for anytime of the day!  Whether you are craving a hearty breakfast, or a quick snack while on your way to the beach, we at The Yard Coffee Bar are waiting to serve you. You can always call us with your special requests and our staff will be delighted to treat you. Our takeout services are quick and ensure that you do not waste unnecessary time waiting for your food. Our special cocktails, local Santorini wines, and unique smoothie combos are bound to make your day.

We follow all Covid-19 safety protocols and we have enough space for safely distancing yourself from our other patrons. Our personnel treats you with the utmost respect, integrity, professionalism, and care so that your visit is a memorable one.

One more thing is our appreciation for your feedback. We love to hear you tell us how we can serve you better and make the food even tastier- after all, it’s what drives our passion! You’ll always feel right at home when visiting us. With a variety of menu items from omelettes, baguettes, sandwiches, salads, prepared fresh daily (including vegan selections), we are ready to serve you everyday from 6:00 am until 1:30 am, so come see us soon!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Yard!